LHB150D High Pressure Low Price Oil Buffer For Elevator
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LHB150D High Pressure Low Price Oil Buffer For Elevator

  • LHB150D


Introducing our hydraulic elevator buffer, designed as the ultimate safety measure in case of elevator malfunctions. In the event of elevator overspeed, the speed status is detected by the governor, triggering the safety clamp to stop the elevator car in its tracks. The elevator buffer is the last line of defense in case of failure of other safety devices.

In the unfortunate event of an elevator freefall, the buffer at the bottom of the elevator shaft will absorb the impact using springs and hydraulic equipment, reducing the force of the impact and minimizing potential injuries to passengers. Protecting lives and ensuring passenger safety is our top priority.

The following are some technical parameters of our LHB150D for your reference

LHB 150D Rated Speed ≤1.5 m/s
Impact Speed ≤1.72 m/s
Free Height 500 mm
Stroke 160 mm
Permitted P+Q 600-3000 kg
Certifications GB
Oil injection quantity 0.47 L

LHB-150D'sTechnical atlas



Shanghai Liftech Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd focuses on the research, design, manufacturing, testing and sales of elevator safety components.

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