LRB02 Customized Rope Brake Elevator Rope Gripper with Different Mode
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LRB02 Customized Rope Brake Elevator Rope Gripper with Different Mode

Material: Steel
Trade pattern : FOB/FCA/EXW
Minimum order quantity :30
  • LRB02


  • 8431310090


Introducing the Elevator Rope Gripper - the ultimate safety solution for elevators. Designed to ensure the utmost protection, this professional-grade product effectively prevents any potential risks associated with elevator overshooting. 

When an elevator car is empty or carrying a minimal load, there is a possibility of it accelerating beyond the intended speed during upward movement. This can lead to a dangerous situation where the car may collide with the ceiling. However, with the installation of our Elevator Rope Gripper, you can rest assured that this risk is effectively mitigated. 

Our Elevator Rope Gripper acts as a reliable braking mechanism, instantly engaging in the event of an upward overspeed, and effectively eliminating any potential danger of the elevator overshooting. This ensures the safety and well-being of passengers, as well as the longevity of the elevator system.

 Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, our Elevator Rope Gripper guarantees top-notch performance, meeting the highest industry standards. Its robust construction and advanced technology make it a reliable choice for any elevator system, providing peace of mind to both building owners and passengers alike.

 Invest in the Elevator Rope Gripper today and experience the unparalleled safety it brings to your elevator system. Don't compromise on safety - choose the professional solution that eliminates the risk of elevator overshooting and ensures a secure and worry-free ride for all.

1.Triggered mode: Mechanical trigger (Standard configuration with 3.5 m Operating cable /Optional 5m Operating cable);Electric triggered (standard configuration power supply box).

2. Rope dia:o8mm-16mm.

3. For different traction ratio /the expected permissible mass of system / rated load and Rated Speed as follows:

Range of actual using system mass=range of Type testing system mass*using traction ratio/ type testing traction ratio;

Range of using rated load= range of Type testing rated load* using traction ratio/type testing traction ratio;

Range of using Rated Speed= range of Type testing Rated Speed range*using traction ratio/type testing traction ratio.

The following are our product parameters

No. Installation Type Width Suspension Ratio Rated Speed
Rated Load
System Mass
LRB02 A01 Normal Standard 2:1 ≤1.5 600-3200 1600-11260
A02 Overhead Standard
A03 Normal Extra Width 1260-6500 3354-16520
A04 Overhead Extra Width
A05 Normal Max. Width
A06 Overhead Max. Width

LRB02'sTechnical atlasUCMP'sTechnical atlas

No.Installation TypeWidthSuspension RatioRated Speed
Rated Load
System Mass
A03NormalExtra Width1260-65003354-16520
A04OverheadExtra Width
A05NormalMax. Width
A06OverheadMax. Width


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