LSE02 Lift Tripping Speed 0.63m/s Elevator Safety Gear without Weights
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LSE02 Lift Tripping Speed 0.63m/s Elevator Safety Gear without Weights

  • LSE02


Introducing the Instantaneous Elevator Safety Gear, an essential component of any elevator safety system. Designed to operate in a non-triggered state during normal elevator operation, this safety clamp plays a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety.

In the event of an elevator malfunction causing overspeed, the safety gear is triggered by the elevator's speed governor, which is also a part of the elevator safety system. Once triggered, the safety clamp swiftly engages, effectively immobilizing the elevator on the guide rails and providing emergency braking.

The Instantaneous Elevator Safety Gear is specifically designed for smaller load capacities and lower floor elevators, making it ideal for villa-type buildings. With its short braking distance and quick response time, this safety clamp ensures immediate action in critical situations.

Trust the Instantaneous Elevator Safety Gear to provide reliable and efficient emergency braking, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of passengers in your building.

The LSE02 safety pliers are instantaneous safety pliers

The following are the relevant technical parameters of this product

LSE02 Rated Speed 0.25-0.4 m/s
Rail Width 15.88/16/19 mm
Tripping Speed 0.29-0.63 m/s
Permitted P+Q ≤1500 kg

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