LTD05 Elevator Safety Components Tension Device Supply To India
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LTD05 Elevator Safety Components Tension Device Supply To India

  • LTD05


Product Description: Elevator Tensioning Device

Introducing the Elevator Tensioning Device, a vital component that complements the elevator speed governor. Designed with utmost precision and engineered to meet the highest safety standards, our tensioning device ensures the synchronized movement of the elevator and the speed governor.

The tensioning device is seamlessly connected to the speed governor through a robust steel wire rope. It utilizes its own weighty hammer to exert a tension force on the wire rope, thereby enabling the speed governor to detect any overspeed operation of the elevator. This critical function guarantees the prompt activation of the elevator safety clamp, ensuring utmost passenger safety.

Crafted with excellence and built to last, our Elevator Tensioning Device is an indispensable part of any modern elevator system. Its professional design and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for elevator manufacturers and maintenance professionals seeking to enhance the safety and efficiency of their installations.

Invest in the Elevator Tensioning Device today and experience peace of mind knowing that your elevators are equipped with the highest level of safety mechanisms. Trust in our commitment to quality and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have made their elevators safer with our reliable tensioning device.

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Shanghai Liftech Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd focuses on the research, design, manufacturing, testing and sales of elevator safety components.

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