LHB160E Elevator Components Hydraulic Oil Buffer For Lift
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LHB160E Elevator Components Hydraulic Oil Buffer For Lift

  • LHB160E


Introducing the Elevator Buffer, the ultimate safety mechanism for elevators. Designed to be installed at the bottom of elevator shafts, the Elevator Buffer serves as the last line of defense in ensuring passenger safety. In the event of an elevator freefall or uncontrolled descent, the Elevator Buffer efficiently converts the kinetic energy generated by the falling elevator into elastic potential energy stored within the buffer. This ingenious mechanism effectively absorbs and dissipates the impact force, significantly reducing the impact experienced by passengers inside the elevator cabin. With the Elevator Buffer in place, passengers can have peace of mind, knowing that their safety is prioritized. This essential component provides a critical safeguard, guaranteeing the protection of passengers' lives in any unforeseen circumstances. Choose the Elevator Buffer for unrivaled safety and security. Trust in our professional-grade product to deliver reliable and efficient performance, ensuring the well-being of elevator passengers.

Our product belongs to the hydraulic buffer, the hydraulic oil model used is L-HM46, and the oil injection volume is about 0.78 liters.

LHB 160E Rated Speed ≤1.6 m/s
Impact Speed ≤1.84 m/s
Free Height 536 mm
Stroke 175 mm
Permitted P+Q 600-4600 kg
Certifications GB

LHB-160E'sTechnical atlas



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