LHB250E Hydraulic Buffer Suppliers Oil Buffer for Lift
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LHB250E Hydraulic Buffer Suppliers Oil Buffer for Lift

  • LHB250E


Product Description: Hydraulic Elevator Buffer 

The hydraulic elevator buffer is an essential safety device that provides the final protection during elevator operation. In the event that the elevator descends to the ground level without timely shutdown, the car will continue to move and collide with the pit, resulting in elevator accidents. By installing the buffer in the pit, the safety of the car's stopping can be effectively improved, without causing harm to personnel. 

The hydraulic elevator buffer is a mandatory installation device required by national standards for elevators. Its main function is to absorb the impact energy generated during the elevator's downward movement and gradually reduce the speed of the car, ensuring a smooth and safe stop. 

With its professional design and high-quality materials, our hydraulic elevator buffer guarantees reliable and durable performance. It is manufactured in compliance with strict industry standards to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. 

Investing in our hydraulic elevator buffer means prioritizing the safety of elevator passengers and preventing potential accidents. Its installation not only meets national requirements but also provides peace of mind for building owners and elevator operators. 

Choose our hydraulic elevator buffer for its exceptional quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Elevate safety to new heights with our top-of-the-line hydraulic elevator buffer.

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