LOG02 Customized Elevator Safety Parts Overspeed Governor MR
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LOG02 Customized Elevator Safety Parts Overspeed Governor MR

Material               Steel
Trade pattern          FOB/FCA/EXW
Minimum order quantity 60

  • LOG02


  • 8431310090


Product Description: Elevator Speed Governor

The Elevator Speed Governor is a crucial component in ensuring the safe operation of elevators. Designed to detect and respond to overspeed conditions, this device works in conjunction with the safety brake to bring the elevator car to a controlled stop.

 Regardless of whether the elevator is ascending or descending, it is essential that it operates within the specified rated speed range. Normally, elevators do not exceed this speed limit. However, in the event of an overspeed situation, the elevator control system is equipped with an Elevator Speed Governor. Once the elevator's speed exceeds 115% of the rated speed, the speed governor activates. 

 When activated, this device automatically triggers a series of actions to slow down or stop the elevator car. By effectively reducing the speed or bringing the elevator to a halt, the Elevator Speed Governor plays a critical role in preventing accidents and ensuring passenger safety. 

 With its reliable and efficient operation, the Elevator Speed Governor is an essential safety feature in any elevator system. Trust in its professional design and functionality to provide a secure and smooth ride for passengers.

LOG02 is a Bi-Direction Overspeed Governor

Please refer to the relevant technical parameters of our speed limiter model No. LOG02

Model number No. Sheave Diameter
Rope Diameter
Rated Speed
Tensile Force
Rope Tensile Force
Lifting Height
Switch Certifications
LOG02 A01 240 8 ≤1.0/1.5/1.6/1.75 800-1500 280-350 ≤125 Single contact GB/CE/EAC

LOG02's Product catalogue

Model number
Sheave Diameter (mm)
Rope Diameter (mm)
Rated Speed (m/s)
Tensile Force T(N)
Rope Tensile Force F(N)
Lifting Height (m)
Single contact


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