LOG20 Rope Governor Machine Room Overspeed Governor high speed
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LOG20 Rope Governor Machine Room Overspeed Governor high speed

  • LOG20


Introducing our professional-grade elevator speed governor, designed to ensure the utmost safety and control in elevator operations. 

Our elevator speed governor continuously monitors and controls the speed of the elevator car. In the event of overspeed, it promptly sends out a signal and initiates a mechanical action to cut off the power supply, effectively engaging the traction mechanism. If the elevator still fails to brake, our safety clamp, installed at the bottom of the car, forcefully brings the elevator to a complete stop. 

The speed governor acts as the commander, while the safety clamp serves as the executor. Together, they play a crucial role in ensuring elevator safety. When the elevator exceeds its speed limit, experiences loss of control, or encounters a failure in the suspension system, the speed governor and safety clamp rapidly halt the elevator car on the guide rails, maintaining a stationary position. This prevents any potential accidents that could result in injuries or equipment damage. 

Choose our reliable and efficient elevator speed governor to enhance the safety and reliability of your elevators. Trust in our product's professional design and functionality to safeguard passengers and prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Here is our speed limit number shape - LOG20 related technical parameters

Model number No. Encode Sheave Diameter
Rope Diameter
Rated Speed
Tensile Force
Lifting Height
LOG20 A01 No 320 8





800-2500 ≤250 GB/CE
A02 Yes

LOG20'sTechnical atlas



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