LSG01 High Speed Progressive Elevator Safety Gear For Passenger Lift
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LSG01 High Speed Progressive Elevator Safety Gear For Passenger Lift

  • LSG01


Safety Gear are safety protection devices for elevators

The elevator safety clamp device is a kind of safety device that can stop the car and clamp it on the guide rail when the elevator speed exceeds the limit speed set by the elevator speed limit or when the suspension rope breaks and loosens under the control of the governor. It provides effective protection for the safe operation of the elevator, and is generally installed on the car frame or counterweight frame.

The elevator safety clamp can be divided into three kinds according to the different structure forms of the brake elements, namely, the block type, the eccentric wheel type and the roller type, and the instantaneous type and the progressive type according to the different stop speed (stop distance).

Here is some information about our product, LSG01:

The LSG01 belongs to the wedge-type and progressive type.

LSG01 safety gear can be divided into two types according to their rated load

Where: P+Q=800~3000 indicates Type I; P+Q=3000 to 3600 indicates Type II


Our production cycle is about 7 working days

For this product, we have obtained GB/CE/EAC certificate

Our factory is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, which is close to Shanghai port and convenient for transportation

As our main product, LSG01 this model is exported to foreign countries each year more than 8000 sets

The following is a photo album of this product for your reference

LSG01's Product catalogue

LSG01's Product catalogue



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