LSG06A 0.25-3.0m/s Progressive Elevator Safety Gear For Lift
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LSG06A 0.25-3.0m/s Progressive Elevator Safety Gear For Lift

  • LSG06A


Introducing the Elevator Safety Gear, a reliable braking device designed to enhance elevator safety. This essential component is installed either in the elevator car or at the bottom of the counterweight system. 

The Elevator Safety Gear consists of two main parts: the pulling mechanism and the braking mechanism. The pulling mechanism serves the purpose of transmitting the mechanical action of the governor to the braking mechanism, initiating its operation. Once activated, the internal wedge blocks of the braking mechanism securely hold the elevator in place on the guide rails, preventing any further descent. 

With its robust construction and precise engineering, the Elevator Safety Gear ensures optimal performance and dependable protection. Designed to meet the highest safety standards, this essential device guarantees the utmost safety for passengers and elevator operators alike. 

Invest in the Elevator Safety Gear for an added layer of security in your elevator system. Trust in its reliable functionality and professional-grade design to safeguard against potential accidents and ensure peace of mind. Elevator safety is paramount, and the Elevator Safety Gear is here to provide the ultimate safety solution.

Here are some technical parameters about our product - LSG06A, for reference only

LSG06A Rated Speed 0.25-3.0 m/s
Tripping Speed 0.29-3.83 m/s
Rail Width 15.88/16 mm
Permitted P+Q 2000-5500 kg
Rail Lubrication Oil/Dry
Certifications GB/CE




Shanghai Liftech Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd focuses on the research, design, manufacturing, testing and sales of elevator safety components.

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